Painting Services

Painting Services

We do a painting service and also basing . we use plywood for basing and applying various materials .

We can also do small conversions on figures such as head swaps etc .

We do flags and use piano wire for added strength for a small extra charge depending the work .

Our prices are quite competitive and our painting is a good quality .

Our Prices are below.


wagons etc
       £2 each
       £3.30 each
        £3 each
      £5 each
       £2.60 each
       £4 each
        £4 each
      £7 each
       £4 each
       £8 each
        £6 each
      £10 each

 There is a 10% discount for orders over £130 and 15% discount on orders over £250 for painting orders only.

If you require the figures basing there is a 10% charge on painting price.

Orders will be delivered free in UK but there will be a charge for all overseas orders which will be sent tracked and signed by Royal Mail

Below you will find a 20mm gallery of painted figures by me and also a 28mm gallery of painted figures which will give you and idea of my painting standard .

Over the years l have Painted figures for most historical periods from Ancient to the 20th century and have acquired a large collection of books and other information .

Mac Warren